The place where corporations meet customers in a way they never imagined

Let customers know you better than anyone else

An in-store innovative retail experience

A team of designers is configuring your physical interface to better exhibit your product

Send us your product and start selling

Analyze from your remote dashboard getting real-time insights

What we offer

Easy access to offline channels

An exclusive opportunity to penetrate offline channels in few days and without bearing the cost of opening and running a store

Product testing

A customized dashboard will enable testing pricing, sales campaigns and the attraction power of your product in an innovative way

Great visibility

Our stores are located in the high-traffic streets of the city where customers are looking forward to purchase

Sales advisors assistance

A team of sales advisors will further communicate with customers according to your guidance with a great attention to your company's phisolophy

New retail experience

We let customers interact and discover your product while tracking their behaviour and preferences in order to enhance the appeal of your product

Flat fee service!

We do not ask for commissions based on sales but we just apply a monthly subscription fee

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    Get in contact with Behey and tell us your story

    A Behey sales manager will be in contact with you soon. As a reference point through all the Behey process

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    Plan your Behey retail experience and tailor-make your launch

    After a detailed knowledge of your product we will be able to help you to efficently communicate to Behey customers, even through the most hidden aspects of your business

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    Welcome to Behey!

    You are now ready to connect, interact, test and inspire!

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